The earth” without art” is just eh”
– Unknown

darian harris

Photographer / Designer / Entrepreneur

Darian A. Harris

Darian is a Georgia-based published photographer and designer. He fell in love with the art of photography when he received his first Polaroid camera as a kid. As a teenager, he was the one who would always have the disposable wind-up camera and eventually the pocket digital camera (1.3MP was hot stuff growing up) everywhere, before phones came equipped with cameras. As a result of this, his passion for photography and the art form grew more and more to what it is now; you see everything with a different perspective. Currently, he is a full-time art major, where he has the ability to exercise and implement his passion in everyday life. His main focus is to provide clients with industry quality work without the massive overhead and high-end costs of the other major outlets. Contact him today for more information.